Commercial Solar Panels Installation

A Commercial solar panel installation

Solar PV Maintenance and New Mounting System

A project in partnership with IKO (roofing materials manufacturer) and Russell Trew Roofing Company and L&Q Housing Association.

Solar PV Refurbishment and Maintenance London

A solar project completed for L&Q Housing in partnership with Claritas (main contractor), Carringtons (roofing contractor) and Bauder (roofing materials manufacturer).

Solar Maintenance and Cleaning in Kent

Decommission and reinstall and solar PV system to facilitate a new roofing system.

A New Insulated Felt Flat Roof in London

This is a project for a domestic client - based in East London.

Commercial Solar for a Community Centre in London

In partnership with Bauder (roofing materials manufacturer), SolarEdge (inverters manufacturer) and Bow Arts Community Centre.

A Listed School Brickwork Refurbishment in Hertfordshire

Education sector brickwork - structural works, rebuilding a gable end wall, St. Alban's

Solar Panels Pigeon Protection

Solar Panels Pigeon Protection - A Housing Association Project