Solar photovoltaic panel installations

Convert energy from the sun to electricity to use in your home, business, school or electric vehicle

Solar panel solutions for homes & businesses

Solar photovoltaic panels convert energy from the sun to electricity to use in your home, business, school or electric vehicle. If you don’t require the electricity at the time of production, your grid tied solar system will send the excess power to the grid or you can install a storage battery system and use your sun power when you need it!

Installing solar panels on a domestic property involves a relatively short project compared to other typical types of construction works such as a new roof or new windows. 

Our solar panel installation team cover London, Hertfordshire, Kent, Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and the surrounding counties. 

MCS Certified Solar Panel Installer London

Climate Force’s five step process

Free Survey

Climate Force will organise a free survey and report from our solar consultant. During the survey, our consultant will answer your questions and show you examples of types of solar technologies available. The report is tailored to your home. The report includes information such as the feasibility of the roof space, the benefits of solar, the estimated yearly  performance and the financial benefits. 

Fasten the Fixings

Our dedicated installation experts will carefully lift tiles to locate the rafters to screw in the solar fixings. Rails are mounted on to the solar fixings.

Secure the Panels

The solar panels are fastened to the rails with clips and electrically linked in strings. Some panels are fitted with solar optimisers or individual micro inverters.

Electrical Installation

The solar DC strings are linked to the solar inverter that converts DC to AC electricity, suitable for use in your business or home.


We will provide you with a completion pack that includes the all important MCS certificate.

Solar PV & New Building Construction

Our solar PV solution helps new build developments to fulfil targets and regulations for Building Regulations Part L, Code for Sustainable Homes, and BREEAM.

We have a range of options including our in-roof systems that save labour time and material money. They also look aesthetically suited to most building types and place less weight and wind loading on the structure where no tiles are required.

Solar Solutions for many types of roof

We install solutions for many types of roofs including flat bitumen feltinterlocking tiles, clay tiles, slate, in roof

Our solar panel installation team are accredited to install Bauder Solar’s innovative flat roof solution that protects the integrity of the waterproofing warranty. The mounting system is bonded to the felt roof  – membrane to membrane. This negates the need for ballasting which can be as heavy as 100kgs per sqm, provides a strong windproof bond and cuts down on the amount of labour time required to hoist the system onto the roof. The strong bond guarantees the solar panels will not move position whilst only placing a light load on the roof of approximately 9 – 13kg/m2. Our flat roofing team are Bauder trained in setting out and fixing the system to a Bauder felt roof. 

 The Bauder system can be retrofitted or fitted to new build properties.The Bauder team produce bespoke designs and take a special interest in every project, guaranteeing the quality of workmanship and materials  from start to finish. A lightweight and robust product with an enviable finish to every flat roof project. 

GSE are a European leader in integrated solar PV mounting systems. The mounts work with many types of solar PV panels. They provide an aesthetically enhanced finish to the roof  compared to standard on roof mounting systems and are MCS012 certified. 

GSE in roof solar panel system

Thinking of replacing your roof? A GSE roof integrated solar PV mounting system will save money on roofing materials. The GSE system is compatible with tiled or slate roofs. The GSE system is so low profile that pigeons cannot climb underneath and make a mess of your roof, therefore saving on the clean up costs and the materials and labour time to fit solar panel pigeon proofing.  

Climate Force Ltd recommends SolarEdge inverters.

SolarEdge are one of the world’s leading inverter technology manufacturers. Their innovative optimiser technology provides real time feedback on the performance of individual panels via a power app interface and online monitoring portal. This simplifies fault diagnosis and performance comparisons are simple.

Click the image for information on the SolarEdge Monitoring Portal App for Apple & Android phones.


The SolarEdge Phone App Solar Monitoring

SolarEdge & Fire Safety

Solar inverters are typically powered up by DC electricity created by daylight and then converter to AC power by the inverter. During daylight hours, solar PV produces power without stopping for a break! AC electricity from the grid can be interrupted by fault detection through a consumer unit. But what about the solar panels? SolarEdge DC safe technology shuts the solar PV DC production down to 1 volt per panel – so handling the panels and the cables becomes safe. 

Click on the image for information on Safe DC.