Combine solar panels with energy storage and move a step closer to energy independence

Capture and store the spare energy from solar panels and rely less on the grid

Energy storage solutions for commercial and domestic buildings

Make the most out of your PV energy spare capacity by combining your solar panel system with devices such as a battery storage system and a power controller. Take a step closer to energy independence! Batteries can be retrofitted on the AC grid side or DC solar panels side of an inverter and they can also be installed as part of a new solar PV system.  Power controllers will divert excess power to a chosen energy storage facility such as a hot water storage tank.

eddi microgeneration energy diverter


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Energy storage terminology

Usable capacity

 Capacity is quoted in kWh of storage power. Batteries do not fully discharge to ensure there’s no damage caused to the battery. Usable capacity is the practical amount of power your battery will deliver.

Power Output

Power output is the amount of power that can be delivered at any one time. It is the rate at which the battery will discharge. This is important to know to avoid drawing power from the grid during heavy usage.


A cycle is one complete discharge of the battery. This is linked to the warranty period, which is usually quoted in years and / or number of cycles.

Battery Technology

Lithium Ion and Lead Acid are the two most popular battery technologies. The key difference is the depth of discharge, lifespan and price is lower for lead acid technology batteries.

Solar and battery systems and power cuts

Most solar and battery systems are designed to be grid tied, therefore won’t work in the event of a power cut. However, if this feature is key to your requirements, Climate Force will design this feature into your system.

Partners in Storage

The Climate Force Ltd construction and installations team works in partnership with ElectraSolar to install battery systems by Tesla, Enphase, SolarWatt, LG and Sonnen.