Airlite paint helps to neutralise pollutants. Turn your walls into a natural air purifier

Climate Force are approved partners for Airlite’s pollution-busting paint products available in 180 colours

Cutting edge eco-paint technology solutions for commercial and residential buildings

We have a passion for working with cutting edge innovators in the field of paint technology. Over the past five years, Climate Force have been involved in piloting and pioneering the first thermal nano-coating technology, which was used for a national social housing project.

Within the industry, we are respected for our willingness to collaborate and continue to work on trials and testing to drive innovation in the sector.

We have an experienced and skilled team, who deliver eco-friendly painting and decorating solutions to all types of residential and commercial customers, from offices and schools to residential apartments. We provide solutions for both external and internal assignments.

Why we use Airlite paint

Reduces air pollution

Airlite neutralises pollutants like nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide through a photocatalytic process. The pollution busting reaction is created with natural light.

Elimates up to 99% of bacteria and mould.

In a world of super bacteria and constantly-evolving microbes, apply Airlite to eliminate most harmful germs from your surroundings and to prevent the growth of mould. 

Cuts cooling costs

Airlite will reduce the amount of solar heat absorbed by walls and roofs, reducing the cooling costs of your space.

Repels dust and airborne dirt

Airlite photocatalytic process forms an invisible protective film on the wall which blocks dirt and dust from attaching itself and discolouring the walls.

Neutralising odours

Airlite helps to eliminate odours without the use of filters or deodorants.

Airlite Eco Paint

Climate Force are experts in the preparation, mixing and applying of Airlite

Airlite is a revolutionary air filtration system masquerading as a paint that is leading the fight back against the deadly effects of pollution.

Airlite removes nitrogen dioxide via oxidation and transforms the pollutant into harmless water-soluble nitrates, which are temporarily deposited on the surface. In laboratory tests, Airlite removed more than 80% of the harmful pollutants.

Climate Force are experts in the processes of preparation, mixing and applying of Airlite’s revolutionary paint products to external and internal substrates.

Airlite Certification

  • Cradle to grave: Gold. Airlite was awarded the gold standard. A certificate of excellence and sustainability, covering all aspects of the company and the product’s life cycle.
  •  Zero VOC: Volatile organic compounds are organic chemicals that have a high vapour pressure at average room temperatures. Airlite is VOC free and works to reduce VOCs in a treated room.
  • Indoor Air Comfort GOLD – certified product
  • French VOC regulation rating: A+ based on ISO16000